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"I've known Dr. Runne for over 5 years.
He's the nicest Dentist in Rockford..."

Macie J. - Rockford


Dr. Runne’s Rockford dental practice is staffed by compassionate and considerate dental professionals.

We simply love what we do! 

Our goal each and every day is to make sure that all of our patients feel comfortable and well cared for during their visit. 

We promise to make coming to the dentist a great experience by providing you with the best care and the highest level of comfort!
We truly treat all of our patients like they are part of the family. Our patients always feel at ease whenever they come in and leave our Rockford dental office smiling!

Here at Dr. Runne’s Dental Office in Rockford we provide you with a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dental services, from dental crowns to implants, ceramic veneers to dentures. 

 We provide services for your whole family, from general dentistry to infant and child dental services. Taking care of you like you are part of the family means we take care of your whole family! 

Dr. Runne has had over thirty-years of experience as a practicing dentist. This means you and your family are in the best hands! Furthermore, his team is composed of dedicated, hard-working and skilled individuals who will do everything it takes to make sure you, and your family, are provided with the best care possible. 

Dr. Runne also knows that dental work can often be expensive and this prevents individuals who need work done from getting the treatment they need. This is why Dr. Runne has made it a goal to provide the most affordable services for his patients, making sure the smiles in the Rockford area are radiant and bright! 

Contact us today and come join our family!

"Dr. Runne is the only dentist in Rockford
I will go to... The ONLY one."

Dan F. - Rockford

Our Dentistry Services


Coming into Dr. Runne’s dental office in Rockford twice a year to get your teeth cleaned by our team of skilled dental hygienists helps prevent cavities, gingivitis, and other periodontal diseases. 

Although you can upkeep your teeth by brushing and flossing twice a day, certain hardened deposits called tartar are not easily removed by your dental routine. If this tartar buildup remains untreated, severe dental complications can arise.


Wine, coffee, tea, sugars, tobacco, even soy sauce have a large impact on tooth discoloration. Unlucky for us, we all often suffer severe tooth discoloration, impacting our smiles and our self-confidence. Luckily, the teeth whitening procedures at Dr. Runne’s Rockford, Illinois dental practice have been proven to restore your smile in no time! 


Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth, helping restore your smile.
Dr. Runne’s Rockford dental practice provides you with the best denture services in the Rockford area. Dentures are made to closely resemble your natural teeth, ensuring that your appearance does not change, and that your smile can once again radiate.


Missing a tooth? Missing several teeth? Dental implants might be all you need to get that smile looking radiant again! At Dr. Runne’s dental practice in Rockford, Illinois, we use dental implants to insure that your teeth look and feel natural, whole and radiant. 


Crowns are used to restore a tooth’s function and are used after a dental root-canal procedure or when insufficient tooth structure remains due to tooth decay or breakage. At Dr. Runne’s family dental practice our crowns are caps made out of ceramic and placed on top of your tooth or teeth. We believe that ceramic crowns are better than porcelain ones since the material is more translucent and thus blends in better with the rest of your teeth. 

Furthermore, ceramic crowns are thinner, resulting in a lighter crown, one you feel significantly less inside your mouth.


Ever felt like your teeth were crooked, too spaced out, oddly shaped, or simply so badly stained that you often refuse to let your smile show? 

Our cosmetic veneers at Dr. Runne’s dental practice located in Rockford might be what you need to improve your overall dental health and smile. 


At Dr. Runne’s Rockford dental practice we know that the thought of a dentist chair can make many cringe. Often no amount of compassion and kindness on behalf of Dr. Runne and the team can sooth patients who feel anxious during their visits. In order to remedy this anxiety Dr. Runne can, upon request, use Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) for dentistry.


Dr. Runne is a dentist in Rockford that specializes in restorative dentistry. We offer the latest in restorative treatments and advanced technologies determined to restore and preserve your beautiful smile.

Preparing for your First Dental Visit

Thank you for choosing Dr. Runne’s dental office in Rockford for your dental needs! 

We work very hard to foster a comfortable and compassionate environment for each and every patient. A first visit to a dentist’s office can often be overwhelming. This is why Dr. Runne and his staff of dental hygienists makes sure that you are acquainted with our office, our staff and our procedures during your first visit.
Your first appointment will last about one hour. We will first ask you to fill out several insurance and overall health forms in order to begin to get to know your needs as a patient. After this we will take a look at your teeth, taking some X-rays in order to examine your teeth position and jaw structure. Dr. Runne wants to make sure he understands your teeth, how they are positioned inside your mouth, as part of your overall dental health, in order to ensure you receive the very best care right away. If we detect any problems during this first visit, we will let you know immediately and also inform you about the treatment we propose to remedy these problems.
Dr. Runne has always believed that good dental care begins with an open and direct communication between the patient and the dentist. We promise to speak to you candidly about any problems we see, the diagnosis and the treatment we recommend. Our goal here in our Rockford dental office is to make sure your smile radiates and your teeth, jaw, and gums are as healthy as possible! 
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